Some Insurance Companies Require Homeowners to do Fire Mitigation

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11 News has learned that some insurance companies are now requiring fire mitigation.

Gloria Crossett just moved into her house. Her homeowner's insurance told her she had to mitigate or she would be dropped.

The sound of trees being ground to mulch roars through the Broadmoor neighborhood. It's all in an effort to mitigate at Crossett's home for fire season.

“It may not be the difference between the house burning down and standing, but it would definitely be the difference between us getting out and not."

Crossett’s home is situated in the middle of dozens of 70 foot Douglas Fir Trees. Some are as close as ten feet from her home and that’s a potential fire danger. Employees with Mountain High Tree Care cut down six of her trees.

“If they caught fire the house would be toast,” said Kevin Kelley, Supervisor with Mountain High Tree Care.

Crossett says it's her responsibility to be proactive.

"It's just piece of mind. You can't put a price on it and you can't put a price on safety. We're glad we did it," Crossett said.

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