Denver Manhunt Ends In Arrest

Credit: KCNC

An evacuation at a downtown Denver building has been lifted after police and SWAT successfully arrested the suspect in a manhunt.

There was some confusion for authorities Monday morning after Denver officers received a tip from Aurora police that the suspect in a domestic disturbance, identified as 28-year-old Robert Jackson, might be in the downtown area. A man resembling Jackson was spotted along the 16th Street Mall near 15th and Cleveland around 9 a.m.; the man saw police chasing him and ran inside the nearby Petroleum building.

Employees inside the building were evacuated so police and SWAT could do a floor-by-floor search for the suspect, who at this point they believed was Jackson. Around 11:08 a.m., police saw the suspect leaving the building with a group of evacuees and detained him. After being questioned, police determined the man was not Jackson and was not armed. It is still unclear why he ran from police, but sister station KCNC says he did have an ankle bracelet on. He has been taken into custody.

According to KCNC, the suspect hid in a ceiling while authorities searched the building, then tried to blend in with the evacuees to escape.

Jackson, who along with the domestic assault is wanted on two outstanding warrants, one for escape and one for robbery, remains at large. Police say he was never involved with Monday's manhunt.

Business is now running as usual at the 16th Street Mall.