Soldier Surprises Daughter After Deployment

A Fort Carson Soldier is home with his family again, after a very special homecoming surprise.

Sgt. Adam Holsapple was deployed in Kuwait for nine months. He says he wanted to make his homecoming special for his girls Sidney and Riley.

While the kids played at the park on swings, Sgt Holsapple walked up behind his 4-year-old daughter and started pushing her.

Eventually she turned around and her reaction is priceless. She jumped into her father's arms and just kept saying his name.

"I've seen the videos they showed in the hall in Kuwait. I think it'd be pretty neat out here, especially since my daughters are older this time around. She'll be happy to see me," Holsapple said.

Sgt. Holsapple told 11 News he was deployed to Afghanistan from 2010 to 2011 before leaving for Kuwait in the spring. He said he is happy to be home with his family again.