Soldiers, Families Reunite After Months Apart

Almost three dozen soldiers and their loved ones were reunited Monday after more than eight months apart.

Families erupted in cheers as the 35 soldiers marched into Fort Carson's Special Events Center Monday morning. After a few final excruciating moments waiting to be released from formation, troops and families raced to each other. Some family members were so overwhelmed with emotion that they told 11 News later they cried the entire time.

"I was too busy crying to see what was happening," one spouse said. She told 11 News the deployment was "long and stressful."

As she spoke, her husband kept his arm tightly around her.

The returning soldiers were from the 663rd Ordnance Company, 242nd Explosive Ordnance Disposal Battalion, 71st Ordnance Group. They deployed to Afghanistan last July. According to a news release, they participated in more than 500 missions during that time. They deactivated IEDs, cleared more than 20,000 miles of road and disposed of more than 7,000 pounds of explosives.

They also trained Afghan National Security Forces.