Smoking Now Banned In Colorado Springs City Parks

Hoping to enjoy a cigarette outside? Don't plan on doing it at a Colorado Springs park.

The Colorado Springs City Council voted Tuesday to ban smoking in city parks. The ban goes into effect immediately.

The City Park and Recreation Department asked for the ban, citing fire and a growing littering problem.

Reaction among residents 11 News spoke with was mixed. Supporters cited health concerns as a reason they were relieved the ban passed.

"Several of us have a real high allergy to cigarette smoke, so sometimes we have to leave a public space," one supporter of the ban said.

"It's not good for kids to be around smoke, so I don't think people should be smoking in the park," a woman told 11 News.

But other people felt the ban was infringing on their personal liberties.

"I mean, they're just taking more and more things away from us," Manuel Quintel said. "If someone wants to smoke a cigarette, let them smoke a cigarette."

Smoking will still be allowed in designated areas set up within or near the parks.