Small Fire On Highway 115 Near Fort Carson Extinguished

A small fire off Highway 115 and Glenrock Drive has been put out thanks to the quick response by firefighters.

The fire only burned one acre on private property near Fort Carson, about six miles south of the Colorado Springs city limits. The home on that property was never threatened.

One man told 11 News he and several other drivers spotted the flames from the highway and got out of the cars to help.

"Of course, nobody had proper equipment, so I just walked in and basically threw some sand with my shoes on it, and were putting a bunch of...I would sat at least 20 little spot fires that the wind had carried over the actual fire line," Michael Schuette said.

Schuette said he was trying to help because he knows the fire could have been much worse.

"Just trying to prevent it from spreading further north because there was an area of very high grass, and if that had gone up in fire the chances would been it would jump the road possibly," he said.