Six Arrested In Connection With Drugs In Acacia Park

Colorado Springs Police say they’ve made six arrests in connection with an investigation into narcotics sales in Acacia Park.

Police say they received a tip in early February about the drug activity in the park. Members of the Metro VNI unit were able to make multiple purchases in the park, and as a result of that investigation officers got three arrest warrants and one search warrant.

The search warrant was executed on March 1, and two people were arrested. Officers say they found 114.4 grams of marijuana and $585 cash inside the home. The drugs were packaged for sale.

On March 6, two other people were arrested in Acacia Park. Meanwhile, they also found someone in possession of methamphetamine and marijuana. That suspect was also arrested.

In total, police say five adults were arrested for felony distribution. The other suspect was arrested for a misdemeanor.