Two Survive Plane Crash In Black Forest

Photo Credit Black Forest Fire Rescue

"Extremely lucky," authorities marveled after two men walked away from a plane crash in Black Forest Wednesday night.

A witness to the crash called 911 after seeing a plane "spiraling down" just after 6:30 p.m., according to El Paso County sheriff's deputy Robert Stone.

The plane crashed in a large gully not far from Milam and Shoup, and was at least 500 yards from the nearest home. The single-engine plane was a total loss; the 35-year-old pilot and 18-year-old passenger walked away with little more than bumps and bruises.

"The tail has broken off, the wings are bent out of shape, the engine separated from the aircraft. I am extremely surprised they were able to walk away from the crash," Stone told 11 News.

According to pilot Matt Tanner, he had rented the plane for the day and was demonstrating a stall to passenger Issac Brumm when the plane went into an upright spin and crashed upside down. Tanner said his faith in Jesus and thoughts of his family are what carried him through that terrifying minute they were going down.

Tanner and Brumm were at least 4,500 feet off the ground when the plane started having problems.

Tanner told 11 News that he has been in spins like the one Wednesday thousands of times before, and he knew what what happening and took the steps to recover, but the plane wouldn't respond.

The FAA is now taking over the investigation into the crash.