Sightings Of Man Soliciting Girls To Watch Sex Act Increasing

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More and more girls are reporting being approached by a man in a truck offering money for them to watch him touch himself.

Since the end of last month, there have been ten sightings, each very similar. Every sighting has taken place in Colorado Springs between 1 and 4 in the afternoon, and every victim has been a girl between the ages of 12 and 22.

Several of the sightings have been up and down Austin Bluffs, but the most recent sightings have been at the Chapel Hills Mall off North Academy and Palmer High School in downtown.

In the Palmer High School incident on May 16, District 11 says the suspect approached the student while she was in the school parking lot. He first asked for directions, but then the conversation veered sharply away from being innocent after he offered her money to watch him masturbate.

Police say Chapel Hills Mall was the site of the latest incident, which took place Monday.

None of the girls have been harmed in any of the encounters.

Monday, Springs police released new information about the suspect vehicle. It's described as a Ford pickup truck with gold accents and detailing. It's believed to be maroon or close to maroon in color, and has a silver metal grill. There are no front license plates, and temporary plates on the back.

Police say they have been receiving several calls about seeing a red hued truck. The latest reported sighting came Tuesday at Chapel Hills Mall.

11 News listened to a recording of the dispatch tapes at the time of the possible sighting:

"A red truck, no other information about the truck, she's just saying it's a red pickup truck."

We talked to a dad who lives in the neighborhood where one of the girls was approached who says he's concerned.

"Everyone should be on their toes and keeping an eye out and reporting everything. Whether it's maroon, or dark red, or possibly purple whatever it doesn't matter, report it," Andrew Smith said.

He told 11 News he's talked to his kids about overall safety and the man in the red truck.

"The kids saw the truck and said 'dad there's a red truck with temp tags' and stuff like that. Now, I just have an eye out, I feel like I'm overly paranoid but at the same time, when it's your kids you can't be too careful," Smith said.

Turns out, that truck was the right red truck, but he's just one of many who have called police.

The man inside is described as a white male in his 30s, physically fit, with brown hair. He's reportedly clean-shaven. If you have any information that can help police find him, you are asked to call CSPD at 444-7000 or Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.