Lockdowns Lifted At D-2 Schools

Lockdowns have been lifted at five District 2 schools.

The schools were put on lockdown while police searched for a suspect, who had taken off running after officers caught him in a stolen car.

Sierra High School, Panorama Middle School, Giberson Elementary School, Bricker Elementary School and Turman Elementary Schools were all on put lockdown during the manhunt. The district stresses that the students were safe throughout the police activity.

According to our reporter on scene, two men were driving from house to-house near Sierra High School, which is on Jet Wing Drive. They looked suspicious, so police went after them. When officers caught up with the men, they learned the car was stolen. One man was arrested, while the other took off on foot. That man is now in custody. We are waiting on more information about both suspects.

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The schools are all located east of South Academy and south of Fountain.