Showdown Over Sheriff

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A petition to get the El Paso County Sheriff out of office was rejected because of some wording issues. The man who started the petition told us Thursday night he will resubmit it Friday with the needed changes.

Once it's approved by the El Paso County Clerk and Recorders Office, signatures can be collected to recall Sheriff Terry Maketa. If more than 44,000 signatures are collected, his recall will be on the November ballot. Maketa's term ends in January.

Maketa is under investigation for allegations of a hostile work environment, and favoring employees he allegedly had inappropriate relationships with.

This fight for and against the sheriff is now on social media. Two Facebook pages have been started, one supporting Sheriff Maketa, the other against him--and calling for his arrest.

Two groups met for a rally in downtown Colorado Springs Thursday afternoon. Both stood in front of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office with very different views. Those supporting the sheriff outnumbered people rallying against him.

"Maketa is a cheater, Maketa is a cheater," one woman rallying against Maketa chanted.

"What's wrong with casual sex," a man supporting Maketa shouted back.

Sheriff Maketa's wife and daughter were among the supporters at the rally. His daughter tells us her dad is innocent and fully supports him.

"It's our turn to stand up for him as he's protected us all this time," supporter and family friend Anne Marie Gary told us.

"When you're in an office for so many years you forget why you're there, and I think that's what really happened with Mr. Maketa," Rebecca Duran, who rallied against Maketa, said.

Last month, all the county commissioners asked the sheriff to resign. Supporters also told us they are planning to show up to the next county commissioners meeting to protest that decision

"He's completely innocent, he maybe has made a couple of bad decisions, but you know what he's innocent. He's 100 percent innocent, he's never done anything criminal," Gary said.

"He thinks he's above everything and that nothing applies to him,” Duran said.

Both parties said they are planning more rallies in the future.