Dog Charges At Police During Burglary Investigation, Officer Forced To Shoot

credit: KKTV
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Springs police were forced to shoot and kill a dog after it came charging at officers during an investigation early Friday morning.

Police were searching for the suspects in a vehicle break-in at the time of their run-in with the dog. They had originally been sent to Grosbear Lane and Wineskin Drive, near Fountain and Powers, after the break-in was reported just after 3 a.m. About the same time, residents also reported to police that they heard shots fired.

After arriving at the scene of the break-in, police got word that the suspect or suspects had left the area, either on foot or in a dark-colored SUV. Officers made their way to Sandpiper Drive, about a mile away.

Police tell 11 News that officers saw a man walking around on Sandpiper Drive, and were about to approach him for questioning when a pit bull started running towards them. Officers tried repeatedly to get it to go away, but say it refused, and kept exhibiting threatening behavior. An officer was finally forced to use a gun, firing four times. One of the shots ricocheted off the ground and entered the dog owner's home, according to police.

The man police contacted on Sandpiper Drive was not found to be involved in the break-ins, but officers did make one arrest: they say 22-year-old Matthew Rodenberger fired at the burglary suspect multiple times after seeing him attempt to open Rodenberger's car door. Police say two vehicles on the street, as well as a vacant building, were struck by some of the rounds Rodenberger fired.

Rodenberger was arrested on charges of illegal discharge of a fire arm, criminal mischief and prohibited use of a weapon.

The suspect or suspects in the break-ins have not been located.