Victim And Friends Chase Down Robbery Suspects

Two men are accused of robbing a third man at gunpoint outside a barber shop near Platte and Circle Tuesday evening.

Police identified the suspects as 20-year-old Lee Wildes and 21-year-old Stacey Anderson.

But the story doesn't end there.

Police say the victim and his friends retaliated, chasing Wildes and Anderson down. The group caught up with the suspects a short distance away at Platte and Boulder, where one of the suspects allegedly assaulted the original victim with his handgun.

A friend of the victim then allegedly pulled out his own gun and fired at the suspects. Police say no one was hit.

Officers from three substations responded to the area after receiving calls about a disturbance going on. After investigating what transpired, they located and arrested Wildes and Anderson. Both men face charges of aggravated robbery, assault and weapons-related charges. They are being held at the CJC.