Neighbor Helps Man Shot During Home Invasion At Bonfoy Apartments

Chris Lockwood helped his neighbor and called 911 as soon as he heard gunshots.

A man shot during a home invasion late Thursday night near Bijou and Bonfoy in Colorado Springs is now out of the hospital but three suspects are on the loose.

Springs police say Daniel Doran, 21, was shot and was sent to the hospital.

We spoke with Doran's neighbor, Chris Lockwood, who came to Doran's aid during the shooting and called 911.

We spoke with him about the experience, click play on the video above to hear from Lockwood.

The shooting happened at the Bonfoy Apartments- near Union and Platte around midnight on Thursday, April 25.

Three people ran away and police are looking for them now. Police say there is no description of the suspects available, but as soon as there is we will bring you that information.