Father Explains Why Shooting Suspect Turned Himself In

A man is being extradited back to Southern Colorado to face charges in a double murder.

Only 11 News spoke to the suspect's father who explained why his son decided to turn himself in.

Tino Vigil said after four months on the run, his son, Gary Vigil, told authorities on his own that he had been hiding out in Mexico.

Gary Glen Vigil, 22, is accused of killing two people, one who police say was several months pregnant with his child.

Vigil surrendered to authorities in El Paso, Texas on Friday.

"He just had a lot of remorse and the concern of his daughter, they took his daughter from our family. There was lots of issues and for him, himself, it was something that he needed to do," said Tino Vigil.

Police believe Gary Vigil shot and killed 22-year old Daniel Castaneda and 24-year old Camille Root in mid August.

The shooting took place in a parking lot near Platte and Circle.

Vigil's father wouldn't comment on what his son's plans were as far as pleading in this case.

He did say that he apologizes on behalf of his entire family and that his sympathies go out to the victims' families.

"We're very sorry that this has happened, we ask that you have heart to forgive and to move on with their lives and don't do anything tragic to cause more stuff," said Tino Vigil.

He told 11 News that his son has not yet been transported from Texas and that process may take up to two weeks to complete.

Gary Vigil is facing first-degree murder charges.