Shipwrecked Concordia Floated Successfully

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The shipwrecked Costa Concordia has been successfully refloated in preparation for towing it away for scrapping.

Authorities expressed satisfaction that the operation to float the Concordia from an underwater platform had proceeded without a hitch early Monday. The cruise liner struck a reef in January 2012 and capsized, killing 32 people.

The ship was set upright in September, and then crews fastened huge tanks to its flanks, like water wings, to float it.

Before that the ship had been lying on its side where it was grounded after passing too closed to the Italian island of Giglio.

It's taken two and a half years and about $1 billion to get the ship ready to be scrapped. It's the biggest salvage operation every attempted, < a href="" target="_blank">according to CBS.

Italy's environmental minister told reporters that the operation will only be finished when the ship is successfully transported to the port of Genoa for scrapping. Towing is set for later this month.

Concordia's Italian captain is being tried in Tuscany for manslaughter, causing the shipwreck and abandoning ship before all were evacuated.