Sheriff's Office Takes Over 911 Calls For Manitou Springs

Starting Monday, The El Paso County Sheriff's Office Communications Center will take over 911 calls for the city of Manitou Springs.

That means the county will be responsible for 911 call taking and dispatching, instead of the City of Manitou Springs Police and Fire Departments.

The city and sheriff's office said that residents won't see a drop in emergency service during the transition. They will, however, hear "El Paso County 911" when calling 911.

For non-emergency services, residents should call the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office non-emergency line. That number is 719-390-5555

The Sheriff's office will receive $50,000 each year to cover the cost of the service, but according to a press release, the city of Manitou Springs will still save money.

In a press release, Sheriff Terry Maketa said, "This serves as a great example where two government agencies came together and through a cooperative effort, identified financial efficiencies and increased service delivery by consolidating services. The Sheriff's Office has a long history of operating the only regional dispatch center in the county and we look forward to the partnership with the City of Manitou Springs."