Sheriff's Office Employee Subject Of Sexual Harassment Complaint

Sgt. Mike Schaller
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We are learning more about the background of an El Paso County sheriff's office employee who is currently the subject of a sexual harassment complaint.

The sheriff's office tells us it is Sergeant Mike Schaller.

In an 11 Call for Action Investigation on Friday, KKTV 11 News obtained the internal affairs investigative file on Sgt. Schaller.

It shows in April of this year an investigation of sexual harassment opened and that case remains open now.

We've also learned he's been investigated several times before including once in 2011.

Documents show in 2011 Schaller was accused of forming a relationship with a woman he pulled over for a traffic violation. Schaller allegedly over time started sending text messages to the woman that were sexual in nature. This was on his work phone while he was on duty.

The report says "Schaller admits the text messages sent during duty hours contained sexual references and he accepted responsibility for his 'poor decision.'"

The case was closed and Sgt. Schaller received a written reprimand.

And now there's apparently a new investigation.

We first learned about this one when the sheriff's office sent out a news release to the media outing a current deputy for talking with a reporter at the Gazette about the environment in the sheriff's office.

Sheriff Terry Maketa is being investigated for relationships with subordinates and for reportedly creating a hostile work environment in the sheriff's office. That deputy who came forward to the Gazette happens to be engaged to Schaller.

We will keep asking questions about the current investigation of the sexual harassment claims against Schaller and we will let you what we find out.