Sheriff Terry Maketa Apologizes To Employees

In a video recording, the El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa apologized to his employees for "inappropriate behavior" during his time as sheriff.

Maketa has been at the center of a scandal in recent weeks, facing allegations of misconduct and abuse of power. Among the allegations, Maketa has been accused of having affairs with three employees and showing them favoritism. Emails obtained by 11 News allegedly exchanged between Maketa and two of his employees give credence to the accusations; the emails allegedly between Maketa and a comptroller are intimate and sexual in nature.

The sheriff recorded the video at the sheriff's office on Saturday and shared it on the sheriff's internal site for employees.

“I come before you embarrassed and humbled by the events of this past week. I engaged in inappropriate behavior in the past and when confronted about that behavior, I denied it thereby compounding the problem by not being candid."

That’s just one of the statements Sheriff Maketa said in a recording he sent to his employees.

He apologized for his behavior and for not being “forthright.”

“Each of you deserves better from me and it is my intention in what remains of my term to do better each hour of each day," said Maketa.

Last week, the El Paso County commissioners have asked the sheriff to resign.

In the video, Maketa said that because his term will end roughly in seven months, he's not planning on stepping down.

"I have long known the value of forgiveness, some of you have benefited from that. During this last week, people in the office and in the community have voiced their support to me and their willingness to forgive," Maketa said. "It's a very humbling experience and it's one that will make me a better manager and a better sheriff."