Sheriff Maketa, Others Speaking Out Against Gun Control

As President Obama visits with community leaders in Denver Wednesday, El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa and sheriffs across the state are descending upon the state capital in an effort to get their voices heard.

The sheriffs are holding an afternoon news conference to speak about what it calls "an infringement on our rights." The conference will be held at a park not far from where the president is speaking.

Obama is in Colorado to tout the new gun control legislation signed into law two weeks ago, in an attempt to bolster congressional support for similar legislation at the federal level. Maketa has been a vocal opponent against gun control legislation.

Maketa issued a statement on his Facebook page late Tuesday night:

Tomorrow will be a busy day. I have been advised citizens are planning a bus trip to the Capitol to express their concerns over the "gun bills," that have been ramrodded through the legislative process. I for one applaud your efforts and thank you for the exercising of your First Amendment right and taking the initiative to be heard. Sheriffs from around the st...ate were planning to hold a press conference at the Capitol tomorrow around 1:00pm, however, that press conference has been moved to Thomas Memorial Park, at 2400 North Quebec Street. All are welcome to attend that event. It's my understanding it is not far from the Capitol. I will be attempting to also make an appearance at the Capitol to support our citizens and if the opportunity presents itself I will be happy to speak and share some of my thoughts. I'm hoping to be at the Capitol around noon. I would be honored to have the opportunity to say hello and thank you for stepping up and being heard. What's being done to our rights is wrong and misleading and as I have said, I can not, and will not, stand by in silence. The rights of law abiding citizens should never be compromised or infringed. Especially while puppet law makers are hard at work extending breaks and granting more rights to criminals who have proven to be a threat to society.
The unalienable rights of every man and woman should not be in jeopardy or subjected to attack from government because of the failure of government to protect its citizens. These rights are not granted by government through the US Constitution or the Colorado Constitution. They are protections from government and its agenda driven quest for more control and power at the expense of our freedoms.