Sheriff Maketa Facing New Allegations

Maketa at a news conference Tuesday, June 10.

A small protest is forming in front of the El Paso County Sheriff's Office Thursday with protesters urging embattled sheriff Terry Maketa to resign from his position.

A counterprotest in support of Maketa has also started in front of the sheriff's office. Our reporter says Maketa supporters far out weigh the number of protesters against him.

The drama swirling around Maketa in recent weeks has intensified with the news that a civil lawsuit has been filed, alleging that Maketa and his undersheriff lied about a stole internal affairs file on a previous candidate running for office. The Gazette broke the news Wednesday.

If it's true, The Gazette says Maketa and Undersheriff Paula Presley could face criminal charges. Maketa and Presley both told the newspaper that they had nothing to do with the file's disappearance.