Sheriff Explains Black Forest Fire Investigation

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One of the big questions everyone is asking about the Black Forest Fire is this: how did it start?

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said Sunday that the investigation now goes beyond his office. The ATF and investigators from the state are now involved.

Investigators have been looking all along in the area just north of Shoup Road, just west of the Black Forest Regional Park. That's where they believe the fire started Tuesday afternoon. They are zeroing in on a point of origin.

The investigators are bringing in what the sheriff says is the latest technology to help with the very precise work of gathering evidence.

"When I say evidence, it gets so delicate that not only are you sifting through every particle of dirt on the ground, you're trying to remove roots and so forth so it's a time consuming process," said Maketa at a noon briefing.

Investigators are trying to figure out for sure if there was any criminal intent when the fire started. He repeated that this is a criminal investigation, until they are able to prove otherwise.

If you know anything about how the Black Forest Fire may have started, please call the special tipline at 444-8393.