Sheriff Confirms Burglars In Black Forest

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Sunday night we received confirmation that burglars have made their way into homes in the Black Forest Fire zone.

Even with the increased security, the sheriff confirmed four homes have been burglarized since the evacuations started. That number has been growing as evacuations are lifted. We had a chance to go inside one of those homes.

When they were finally allowed back inside, they saw their window smashed in and their stuff rifled through.

We spoke with them right after it happened they couldn't believe they had had to come home to and were even more shocked to learn someone had been there first.

"It's disgusting, that someone could come in here and go through your personal stuff," said homeowner Kayla Snavley. "Stuff you've worked so hard's just disgusting "

The sheriff had a message for them as well.

"We are pursuing each of these cases and I know without a doubt the district attorney is going to take them very, very seriously," said Maketa.

The sheriff said on top of those burglaries they had one case of impersonation in which someone was pretending to be either a firefighter or police officer.

We will stay in touch with the Sheriff's Office for updates on these cases.