Shattered Glass, Ransacked Cars: Car Break-Ins Increase In NE Springs

An unusual number of car break-ins have occurred in Colorado Springs as of late, especially on the northeast side of town.

Police have not determined if the string of break-ins are connected, but people living on the northeast side tell 11 News they are certain it's the same crooks.

Security cameras at one home in the Stetson Hills area caught a woman on tape pulling at a car door handle.

"We saw a person at 2 in the morning trying to open the was locked, so they walked away," Kamel Elwazeir said, describing what is shown on tape.

It's unknown if the woman is connected to an actual crime, but with so many break-ins in the area, it immediately roused Elwazeir's suspicions.

Neighbors a few miles away in another northeast neighborhood near Rangewood and Vickers weren't as lucky as Elwazeir. Three families woke up Sunday morning to shattered windows and ransacked cars.

"[They] took a few dollars that were in the center console and some hockey pucks that I had from coaching," Louis Cunfer said. He told 11 News it was apparent the crooks had rummaged through his entire vehicle, taking anything left out in the open. Entry was gained by breaking the back passenger window.

The crook or crooks also went through his next door neighbor's car, and broke another window on a truck belonging to the man across the street.

"I guess I just figured it's a crime of opportunity, so they just hit the cars that were close by," Cunfer said.

11 Newsreported earlier last month about an overall citywide increase in car break-ins and actual vehicle thefts over the summer. Police said at the time that 90 percent of these crimes occur because we give crooks the opportunity to steal valuables left in our vehicles, and that by making sure we leave nothing in our cars, we can dramatically decrease our odds of becoming a victim.

If you have the option to, police also suggest parking your car inside a garage.

If you're ever the victim of a break-in, call police immediately at 444-7000 to file a report.