Sexual Assault Reported At Red Rock Canyon Open Space

An investigation is ongoing into a reported sex assault that happened at Red Rock Canyon Open Space.

According to the El Paso County Sheriff's Office, a woman hiking in the area was attacked about a week and a half ago. Based on her description of the assault, the incident may have happened away from the main trails.

"It did not sound like it was on one of the trails...there was some off-trail hiking that took place," EPSO's Lt. Jeff Kramer told 11 News. He said investigators have not been able to pinpoint the exact location.

EPSO said they haven't released the information to the public because they don't have the whole story and have had a hard time getting to the bottom of exactly what happened.

They do say they don't believe people who use the open space should be worried.

"We don't have any info right now that suggests that there's some kind of ongoing public safety concern in that area," Kramer said.

The sheriff's office says they're trying to get another interview with the victim. We'll let you know what they find out.