Former Denver Cop Arrested While Allegedly Meeting Investigator Posing As Teen

A 58-year-old was arrested at a Littleton restaurant while allegedly trying to meet up with a teen he had met online.

The district attorney for Jefferson and Gilpin counties says the suspect is registered sex offender from Colorado Springs--and a former Denver police officer.

Authorities say a Child Sex Offender Investigations Unit (CHEEZO) investigator was posing as a teenager in a social networking site earlier this month when the suspect contacted her. The CHEEZO investigator was portraying a girl younger than 15.

Court records state that suspect Joseph Ellsworth and the "teen" texted back and forth several times and spoke on the phone once. Ellsworth allegedly asked to meet up so they could have sex.

Authorities say that when Ellsworth arrived at the designated meeting spot on Aug. 8, law enforcement was there waiting. He was immediately arrested.

Bond has been set at $100,000.