Sex Offender Asks for Reduced Bond, Judge Says No

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CANON CITY, Colo. The sex offender who was reportedly seen outside a local elementary school was in court Wednesday. Barry Burrous asked for his bond to be reduced so he could get out of jail.

The Fremont County District Attorney, Thom LeDoux, asked to raise Barry Burrous' bond from $50,000 to nearly $1 million or no bond at all. LeDoux said the registered sex offender is a risk to the community.

You may remember, Burrous was arrested after he was spotted outside McKinley Elementary School in Canon City last month. He was allegedly violating his probation.

On Wednesday, Burrous' probation officer was called to testify in front of the judge. She said Burrous still shows signs of being a pedophile. One example, happened a few months after Burrous was released from jail last April. Burrous told the probation officer he got aroused when he was driving home from work and saw a little girl running in her yard in her underwear.

In court, the judge decided to keep Burrous' bond at $50,000. Burrous' defense attorney said he won't be able to post that and get out of jail anytime soon.

Burrous will be in court in April. We'll let you know what happens and if he posts bond before then.