Severe Storm Drops Hail Throughout Colorado Springs

A severe thunderstorm moving through Colorado Springs dumped hail in some areas and flooded streets.

The hail was so much in areas like Montebello and Union that it looked like a snow storm had passed through.

The storm also caused flooding at Date and Siferd. There was so much water it looked like a stream instead of a road.

Nathan Welch has lived in the area for six years. "Pretty much anytime we get a significant amount of rain it collects and floods," said Welch.

Welch wants the city to do something about the flooding issues on Siferd. He is concerned that someone might get hurt.

"At a moment's notice it can rise up and sweep somebody away," said Welch.

Meanwhile, lightning struck a tree at an apartment complex on Harmony Drive. There were no injuries reported.

A different storm just east of Larkspur produced a tornado that briefly touched down.