Several Men Arrested On Sexual Exploitation Of Children

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Nearly a dozen men have been arrested for child porn by Colorado Springs police. Court papers obtained by 11 News detail graphic information about some of the things these men are accused of having and doing.

Over the last few months, 10 men were arrested and are accused of having child porn among other charges. Justin Hays, Roberto Cantu-Nagafuchi, O’Reilly Flowers, Eric Montgomery, Larry Godwin, Samuel Spivey, Czachery Rike, Patrick Lofton, Clifton Bennett, and James Wofford were arrested. A 16-year-old was also arrested and charged. As of now, investigators say these cases are not directly connected.

According to some of those court papers, one of the accused men, Bennett, has been in trouble with the law before, and for a similar crime. In 1996 he was charged and convicted for sexual exploitation of children. He was sentenced to probation and jail. Investigators said because of his history, his bond was raised to $500,000. The papers also detailed Bennett had spent more than $4,000 on child porn videos during a four year span.

Bennett was currently in jail Friday night at last check. James Wofford, a registered sex offender, is also in jail; all the others have bonded out.