Seven Arrested In String Of Burglaries

Seven people have been arrested in connection to a string of home burglaries in the Black Forest and Monument area.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says they have recovered more than $100,000 worth of stolen items including vehicles, firearms, jewelry, cash and appliances.

Investigators say at one location they recovered so many stolen items that they had to bring in a 26-foot moving truck during the recovery.

Victims reported seeing a suspicious person wearing a reflective safety vest. That piece of information enabled law enforcement officers to identify Ernesto Quintana as a suspect.

The Sheriff's Office says they quickly realized the burglaries they were investigating were linked to incidents in other jurisdictions.

Investigators say Jake Cox, 27; Ernesto Quintana, 24; Robert Bowick, 25; Richard Flewwellin, 41; Ekaterina Dettling, 28; Jose Hernandez, 35; and Winter Womack, 22, are responsible for more than 110 cases.

Ernesto Quintana

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