Series Of Break-Ins At Area Shopping Center

Two shoppers fell victim to a smash-and-grab at a busy parking lot Thursday night.

A third found her car window smashed in, but nothing was stolen.

Police say the three cars were parked at the University Village shopping center on North Nevada, near I-25 in Colorado Springs. A backpack was stolen from one of the cars, a purse from the other.

We talked to the owner of the third vehicle, who said that although nothing was stolen, crooks left a huge mess of shattered glass in and around her car.

"When we got out at the end of the night, we came out and there was just glass busted out everywhere. There was glass all through the car on to the driver's side and even outside as well."

Police say this is a crime of opportunity and want to remind everyone on how to protect against incidents like this.

First they say never leave items in plain view; if you can, put personal belongings in the trunk.

They also suggest parking in well lit areas. And, of course, always lock your doors.

Right now they have no suspects in these burglaries, but the shopping center has increased security.

We'll let you if there are any new developments.