Authorities Locate 12-Year-Old Reported Missing In Manitou Springs

Search and rescue teams located a 12-year-old girl who was separated from her family while hiking in Manitou Springs.

Emily was missing for more than five hours. It took several search and rescue crews plus three K-9s to find her in a culvert in Soda Springs Park.

The El Paso County Search and Rescue spokesperson told 11 News part of the culvert where Emily was found had to be cut open to get to her.

Emily reportedly disappeared about 4 p.m. As the search continued Saturday night, the CBI released a Missing Person with Developmental Disabilities alert about Emily.

The alert indicated Emily has Asperger's Syndrome. She reportedly has been known to hide in various places like in tunnels and under bridges. The alert went on to say she will even lie and give a wrong name if someone tries to contact her.

We're told because of her Asperger's, search and rescue crews had to change their tactics while searching for her. The spokesperson said they stopped using their search and rescue vehicles because they resemble police cars. They also turned off their headlamps to avoid scaring the girl.

Police said they saw someone matching her description around 4:41 p.m. at the round-about at Manitou and Ruxton. There had been several other sightings before Emily was eventually found.

An emergency call was sent out to residents in the area.

Manitou Springs police focused the search in the area of Intemann Trail, which is south of Ruxton Ave. in Manitou Springs.

According to her parents this is something she has done several times before. They said she considers this a game, and even did something like this while the family was visiting a foreign country.

As of Friday night, authorities said no one will face any charges--they're just happy everyone is safe and that Emily is home with her family.