Search For Dylan Redwine Ends In Sorrow

June 28, 2013 After winter receded in southwest Colorado, search teams descended upon the forests and canyons outside Durango to continue their search for a missing Colorado teen.

From June 22-26, 45 law enforcement and search and rescue personnel combed through Middle Mountain Road, looking for any clues previously hidden by snow that could lead to Dylan Redwine's whereabouts. The 13-year-old vanished in November of last year.

Thursday, authorities announced that the search had ended in a terrible way.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation confirmed that bones found during the five-day search were Dylan's remains.

Dylan went missing just before Thanksgiving while on a court-ordered visit to see his father, who lives outside Durango near Vallecito Lake. According to his father, Mark Redwine, Dylan was still home the morning of November 19, when Mark went to run some errands. He was gone when Mark returned four hours later.

Dylan's mother, who now resides in Monument, reported him missing later that day.

Hundreds of people assisted with search efforts in the weeks following Dylan's disappearance, but no leads were found. Winter arrived soon after, hindering efforts until the snowfall melted. Authorities say the five day search this past week was not based on any new tips or new information, but simply a follow up search in the area now that the snow had melted.

Investigators say the place where Dylan's remains were found was not a place he would have gone on his own.

"Dylan had a very set routine. He was a very communicative fellow on the Internet and Twitter with his friends. And he had very specific definite plans with his friends and he never showed up for's totally unlike Dylan."

At this time, no suspects have been named in Dylan's murder. The family says their top priority now is seeking justice for Dylan and peace for their family.