Search Continues For Missing Father And Son Hikers

Credit: KCNC
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Almost a week later, there is still no sign of two missing hikers.

Damian McManus, 51, and his 19-year-old son Evan were last seen April 2 at a Denny's in Lakewood, Colo. They were setting out for the mountains to go camping, but friends say they aren't sure where the pair was going to go, further complicating the search after they were reported missing Sunday. Sister station KCNC reports that Clear Creek County deputies scoured the entire county--including every single trailhead--for their vehicle.

Father and son had roadtripped from their home in Minnesota while Damain's wife and daughter vacationed in Mexico. They were expected back Sunday. Evan's girlfriend reportedly texted his mother to say she hadn't heard from him since the 2nd.

Alpine Rescue Team spokesman Bill Barwick says searchers are not sure the father and son were equipped for wintry conditions in the Rocky Mountains. It snowed every day that they would have been in the mountains, and continued snowing into the search and rescue operations. A member of the search party told KCNC the weather had hindered their efforts.

“We were able to put people up higher on the mountain [Mt. Evans] and kind of put a spotter up to look and see if there was any kind of sign that there were people further up the mountain,” the searcher said. “It has snowed every day here since they got here. The idea of perhaps tracking someone is impossible.”

When weather permitted Monday, a Black Hawk from Buckley Air Force Base dropped off a rescuer on Mt. Evans, who hiked above the treeline looking for the pair.

Tuesday, the search will continue around Echo Lake and Mt. Evans. It's expected to include about 50 people. Authorities are still treating it as a rescue.

"We have nothing else to go on … they may very well be hunkered down somewhere,” the searcher told KCNC.

Damian McManus' wife says her husband has training with the British military.