School Bus Driver Fired Amid Allegations Of Drunk Driving

A Denver school bus driver is accused of endangering six special needs students after allegedly getting behind the wheel while drunk.

Rodolfo Luna has been fired by the Cherry Creek School District, and faces charges of both DUI and child abuse.

A witness reported seeing Luna dump empty vodka bottles out of the bus while he drove the middle school students to a local Village Inn for a field trip Wednesday.

Police told sister station KCNC that after they contacted him, Luna first denied drinking, so they tested his sobriety.

"He did consent to voluntary roadside maneuvers, to which he did not perform satisfactorily," Captain Larry Etheridge told KCNC.

After that, Etheridge said Luna admitted to taking cold medicine and two shots of alcohol before driving. Test results for his blood alcohol level are still pending.

The district says they are shocked at the alleged incident, and told KCNC that Luna had a clean record when they hired him four months ago.

“It is a violation of school policy, absolutely. It is shocking and disturbing. It is an anomaly,” Cherry Creek School District spokeswoman Tustin Amole said.

Luna is currently out of jail on bond.