School Board Members Approve Raises

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The school board for District 11 in Colorado Springs has approved more money for teachers and staff.

After months of negotiations, board members approved a 4 percent bonus for teachers that will be paid in two installments. They will also get one furlough day restored.

Staff members like janitors, secretaries and bus drivers will get an extra 10 cents per hour.

Executive employees like principals and administrators will get a 1 percent raise and a one-time 4 percent bonus. They will also have one furlough day restored.

All employees will see a boost in insurance premiums.

The raises and bonuses will cost the district $9.38 million. A district official tells 11 News the money is available because of hard decisions the board has made this year. There is also some additional state funding coming into the district.

Employees haven't had a raise in four years because of budget cuts.

The changes will go into effect on July 1.