Scammers Targeting Email Accounts

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There is a new scam showing up in people's email inbox, and you might not realize it's a scam until it's too late.

Scammers are going after gmail, which a lot of people use. They are sending emails, generally with the subject line "documents."

It includes a link that takes you to a log-in site, but it's actually a fake portal created by crooks to steal your passwords.

We're learning the fake website looks almost identical to an actual log-in website. And if you do log-in, it takes you to a real-looking document so it can be hard to tell if you've been scammed.

According to the 11 News engineering experts, check the URL. If it's fake, it won't match the site you think you're trying to access and you'll know it's a scam.

Of course if you have any concerns, just go to the website directly.

If you receive a suspicious email and would like the 11 Call For Action Team to investigate, call 719-457-8211.