Scammers Target People Looking for Jobs

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Erika Marston is putting in plenty of hours of work, looking for work.

"Families are just trying to better themselves," she said.

She recently responded to an offer on Craigslist from a company called Black Label Boutique. The response: was almost immediate.

“They said I had the job without even giving me an interview!"

As her suspicions rose, Erika said things only got sketchier.

The man kept referring to himself as Barry White,” Erika chuckled. “Yes, the singer who’s been dead for several years. God rest his soul.”

Erika got her interview for the work-at-home-job, over instant message on her computer, followed by e-mails and then a check for more than $2,400. When she called the bank on the check managers confirmed the check was fraudulent and at least six other people called got them too.

"It's hard enough to get employment in this economy,” she said. “I just don't want anyone to fall for it. It could happen to anybody."

Erika told 11 News she'll take a job offer, but won't be taken.

Shortly after Erika’s experience, Craigslist flagged the offer as phony. Craigslist does add a warning that fake checks are common. Banks will cash them and hold the person who deposited them responsible.