Scammers Posing As Officials Offering Grant Money

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A southern Colorado woman is warning others about a scam that is going around. Nakisha Nelson said scammers tried to entice her with an over-the-phone offer.

"I had the money. I could have sent it," said Nelson.

The caller said they were from the United States Grants Office. He went on to say if Nakisha would wire transfer $250, the office would give her a $7,500 grant.

Nakisha thought at first that it may have been a government stimulus program, but then the caller became rude.

"He cursed at me before he hung up and said 'you're a crazy woman,'" said Nelson.

Nelson worries the offer of turning a little cash into a lot will convince others to fall for it.

"To me, if it's free money, it shouldn't cost you," she said.

We did some checking and there is a website that allows people to find and apply for federal grants. The most important thing to remember is that you will never be contacted by the government to offer you a grant and there are no fees associated with applying for a grant.

There is also a fraud hotline to report these cases: