Scammers Call Using Your Phone Number

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In this 11 Call For Action alert, we are learning about a new twist to the classic phone scam.

The crook calls you, but when you check the caller ID, it's your name and number that show up.

Scammers are using technology that allow them to impersonate the phone number of anyone.

It works because people are curious when they see their own number on the caller ID, and also because there's a good chance your own phone number isn't blocked.

According to the Better Business Bureau, if you pick up and realize it's a scam, hang up immediately.

Officials with the BBB say not to press any buttons and warn not to call back.

We are learning about some technology that can block these unwanted calls from scammers.

It's called Nomorobo, and right now it's only available for people who get their phone through the internet. It won an award from the Federal Trade commission for its success in blocking illegal robocalls.

"It uses a part of the phone system called simultaneous ring, and what that does is it basically lets Nomorobo watch the calls that are coming in...if it's a robo caller it answers it for you and hangs up on them immediately," said Nomorobo founder Aaron Foss.

The founder tells 11 News he is hoping to expand the coverage.

For more information on Nomorobo, click on the link on the right side of this page.