Scammer Claiming To Be With CenturyLink Contacts Local Man

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A local man gets a suspicious email from someone claiming to be with CenturyLink, asking for his username and password.

John Daly, who lives in Colorado Springs, says the red flags started going off the moment he saw the email in his inbox because he has a very a secure email account.

"I knew it was not real because I'm cautious about it. But it was in my inbox rather than junk mail and so forth, so it was forwarded directly to me. So somebody knew my account, which has me concerned," said Daly.

The email says that CenturyLink is upgrading its database. It says to avoid his account being closed, Daly needs to supply account information immediately.

11 News reached out to CenturyLink about the scam. A spokesperson says that it is against company policy to ask customers for usernames and passwords.

If you are ever unsure about an email or phone call that you get, call CenturyLink directly to see what's really going on. Make sure to use the number on your statement, and not the one provided by the scammers.

For information on how to report scams to CenturyLink, click on the link.

If you have something you want the 11 Call For Action team to look into, call 719-457-8211.