Scam Targets Businesses in Southern Colorado

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In an 11 Call For Action Alert, we are learning more about a scam affecting businesses in Southern Colorado.

A local business owner received a suspicious email from someone asking for some roof repairs.

The business didn't want to go on camera, however 11 News obtained a copy of the email.

The sender claims to have cancer and wants the worker to overcharge the credit card and then wire the rest of the money back.

"This is happening all the time on scams, always tugging at the heart strings, always saying I have cancer, I'm only going to live the next six months," said Crystal Johnston, the Director of Marketing for the Better Business Bureau of Southern Colorado. "Just for you to look into as though, ok this is a real person."

Johnston tells 11 News be cautious if you get one of these emails.

"When and if you receive an email such as this, do not reply. Many times there will be an attachment in there. Don't open the attachment. Forward that information straight to the Better Business Bureau so we can get the word out," said Johnston.

The experts also say to never wire money to someone you don't know.

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