Scam Targeting Social Security Benefits

A new scam is targeting people who get Social Security benefits.

It's pretty simple. Crooks get their hands on personal information, like a full name and bank account number.

Then they contact the Social Security Administration and ask them to reroute the payments to their own accounts, such as a bank account or prepaid debit card.

This new scam is gaining speed just as the Social Security Administration prepares to switch all beneficiaries to direct deposit, instead of mailing them paper checks.

In order to protect your identity:

-Be wary of calls or emails from people asking for personal information
-Tell the agency (SSA) that no changes can be made to your account unless you appear in person with an ID.

If you have Social Security and haven't seen a benefits payment in a few days, then get a letter saying that changes have been made to your direct deposit, experts say you should report it immediately.

To tell the agency that you only want to make changes in person, visit:

The Social Security Administration says anyone who believes they are victims of fraud should contact the inspector general at: