Safety Tips When Using Space Heaters

Winter weather is heading to Colorado and with it comes fire concerns from improper use of heating devices.

When it comes to space heaters, experts say to always place them on the floor. That minimizes the risk of them falling off of furniture. Keep pet bedding and other flammable objects away from the heaters.

Other tips include not using space heaters while in the bathroom or around water because condensation can build up, causing a spark. Make sure to check the cords often to ensure they are not frayed and don't hide them with rugs which could cause overheating.

Fire places should be inspected before use, to help guard against a chimney fire. When you are ready to put your fire out, don't close the damper with hot ashes still in the fire place. Experts say this will force carbon monoxide into your home and the ashes could reignite.

Fire crews recommend checking the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home and changing the batteries on a monthly basis.