SWAT Standoff Ends Peacefully

SWAT units from the Colorado Springs Police Department were called to a home after a man held a woman in a home against her will.

Springs police first received a domestic violence call at 8:43 p.m. Friday. The caller told police that they received a text from the victim saying she needed help with a fight between the victim and her husband.

The caller told police that there were weapons in the house.

Officers were able to make contact with the victim over the phone. Before she hung up on the cops, she told them that she was not free to leave, did not feel safe, and confirmed that there were guns in the house.

SWAT team members arrived in the area and closed Jet Wing Drive off from Astrozon Boulevard to Jet Wing Place, just south of Sierra High School.

Once SWAT was in place, they were able to contact the victim again.

“Negotiators were able to make contact with the victim who was able to leave the residence.” police said in a statement, “Once the victim was secure, negotiators were able to contact the suspect by phone.”

After a few hours of negotiations, the man, Jorge Estrada, gave himself up to police.

Police served a search warrant and found items including a rifle, a shotgun, and a ballistic vest.

Estrada, 30, was charged with false imprisonment and harassment.