Police: Driver Who Crashed Into Garage To Be Charged With DUI

A Springs home was left in disarray after a SUV crashed into a garage Monday afternoon.

The driver of the SUV hit a curb and went careening into the garage, forcing a pickup truck that was parked inside into the house itself.

"He [a neighbor] said it was pretty bad...I left work right away--and it was actually worse than I thought it would be," the homeowner told 11 News.

He described the extent of damage to 11 News.

"It took out the whole front end of the house...damaged the truck that was in the garage--pushed it into the house--and broke the walk-in door to the house."

The SUV also damaged some motorcycles that were inside the garage.

The driver was rushed to the hospital with unknown injuries. No one else was hurt. Police say he will be charged with DUI.

The accident happened on Cape Romain, near Union and Research Parkway.