Runners In Boston Try To Reach Families In Southern Colorado

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In Boston Monday night were a lot of runners from southern Colorado far from their families.

Kim Phillips knows her husband Ray completed the Boston marathon.

"Sadly there were two explosions at the finish," he wrote to her in a text message.

Word of Monday’s explosions caught Kim off guard, just like everyone else. She stayed home while Ray, who has more than 30 marathons under his belt, went to Boston. Her phone started to ring at lunch.

"People were asking me, ‘Did you see what happened?’ And then my son called to check in," Kim said.

Her first update came by text message, the first of a few from Ray. He could not call from his cell phone due to service restrictions following the explosions. This is not the first time he's run in the Boston marathon. Kim has traveled with him in years past.

"If you wanted to hurt someone that would be the place to do it,” she said. “It's just so scary.”

Kim told 11 News the events of Monday are not scary enough to keep Ray from running again.