Royal Gorge Bridge And Park Plans To Rebuild

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An area destroyed by a Southern Colorado fire last summer is starting to rebuild. On Friday, dozens gathered to recognize a groundbreaking ceremony at Royal Gorge Bridge and Park.

To commemorate the start of construction, city leaders used gold engraved shoves to dig dirt from the ground there.

Cañon City Mayor, Tony Greer, said, "People come from all over the world every year to visit this; it's one of the world's highest suspension brings a lot of people to our community and we're very proud of it."

New buildings are planned to be constructed around the bridge, including a brand new Visitor Center. Projects are expected to cost an estimated $23 million, and are planned to finish by August.

We spoke with some who showed up for the ceremony. Cassandra Passero said she's excited to see an important tourism attraction come back to life. Passero's grandfather was actually the first police officer to walk across the bridge many years ago.

This year, the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park celebrates it's 85th year. The park averages around 300,000 visitors a year.

While the park is in under construction, it will hold guiding tours. That's expected to begin March 15.