Romney, Biden Reach Out To Colorado Voters

Both the Obama and Romney campaigns made stops in Southern Colorado Saturday.

In this last weekend before the election, both presidential campaigns are trying to reach as many voters as possible.

Republican hopeful Mitt Romney rallied in Colorado Springs Saturday.

According to a count from an event organizer around 4,300 voters cheered and chanted “three more days,” referring to their hope that Romney will win Tuesday’s election and prevent another four-year term for President Barack Obama.

Romney covered his five step plan and how he wants to tackle out of control spending and repeal the president’s healthcare plan. He criticized a “lack of leadership” by Obama and said that Obama plans to continue using a “small agenda that’s not working.”

"The door to a brighter future is there, it's open for us. I need your help,” he told the crowd. “Walk with me, we can get this done together. Let's come together America.”

Romney encouraged the crowd to put him to work “rebuilding America.”

Just before Romney took the stage in Colorado Springs, Vice President Joe Biden was in Pueblo talking to supporters.

"Folks, when this election is over we need to get back to that. We need to work together because there are still significant problems but there are so many gigantic opportunities for America."

We’re told more than 1,200 people packed into the Pueblo Central High School Gym.

The vice president also stopped in Arvada Saturday morning.

Biden talked about the vision and plan both he and the president have for the economy and creating jobs.

Romney also made a scheduled stop Saturday in Englewood, Colorado for another rally.

Obama will be in Aurora Sunday evening.