Rollover Accident Survivors Thank Good Samaritans

A Springs mother and daughter are both out of the hospital and thankful to be alive.

Sonya Fox and her mother Linda survived a horrible rollover car accident on Wednesday at Austin Bluffs and Templeton Gap.

They accidentally ran a red light and were hit by a 10-passenger van, which led to a three-car crash.

Their car went airborne and rolled several times before landing on its side.

"I'm just thankful to be alive. Thankful to be able to walk away from that,” Sonya told 11 News.

Sonya says she is also thankful that Good Samaritans pitched in to help her and her mother right after the accident.

She says about five people shook the car until it rolled back onto its four wheels. The rescuers were worried that Sonya and her mother were trapped. And they were right. Both had to be extricated by emergency crews.

The daughter says it’s an act of kindness she and her mother says leaves them speechless.

"Grateful, thankful. There are no words to even express how we feel. That there are still people out there that actually will run up to somebody and start helping them."

Sonya is recovering from bruising, but can’t believe she walked away from that accident because she was not wearing her seat belt at the time.

“It ended up on the side of the car and I went from the front seat to the back seat,” said Sonya.

She had dropped her phone, and unbuckled to grab it.

“There’s no words to describe it, cause you never picture something like that happening, and then once you go through it there’s no words, you can’t put it into words,” said Sonya.

Her mother Linda was just released from the hospital Thursday afternoon, and had to get staples in her head, stitches and has a fractured jaw.

Four other people in another car were sent to the hospital with minor injuries, but everyone is expected to be okay.